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BRONC Adjustable Wireless Pen V12

BRONC Adjustable Wireless Pen V12

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BRONC Adjustable Wireless Pen

  • [Exceptional Adjustability & Precision]: The BRONC MAX V12 Adjustable Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine offers unprecedented adjustability in stroke length, enabling tattoo artists to seamlessly switch between different techniques and styles, including packing color, drawing lines, and shading. Experience the ultimate in precision and control with this advanced rotary device designed for all your tattooing needs.
  • [Long-lasting Battery Life & Quick Charging]: This wireless rotary tattoo pen machine supports a work time of 6.0 to 10.0 hours (Test Results), enabling uninterrupted creativity during extended tattoo sessions for complex color packing and shading work. It recharges quickly and efficiently with the included Type-C Fast Charge technology, requiring only 2-3 hours to reach full capacity.
  • [Swiss High-Speed Motor & Power]: The BRONC Adjustable Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine features a customized Swiss high-speed motor. This powerful rotary tool offers exceptional kinetic power for smooth and precise tattooing, allowing for accurate line work and even shading. Elevate your craft with this dependable battery-powered tool.
  • [Dual Voltage Control & OLED Display]: Effortlessly switch between two voltage groups with this wireless rotary tattoo pen machine for ultimate control over your tattooing process, whether you're packing color, perfecting lines, or achieving subtle shading. The integrated OLED display centralizes multiple functions in one, providing clear and easy monitoring of your pen's performance.
  • [Sleek Design & Unrivaled Performance]: Available COLORS MAY VARY. The BRONC MAX V12 Wireless Rotary Battery Tattoo Pen Machine boasts a modern and sophisticated design. With its ability to handle color packing, line drawing, and shading with ease, upgrade your tattooing game with this premium battery-operated tool, designed for professional artists seeking precision, reliability, and efficiency.

Upgrade your tattooing game with the BRONC Adjustable Wireless Pen, the perfect tool for professional artists seeking precision and reliability.

The adjustable stroke on this makes it great for anything from shading to color packing or a great liner.

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