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Armrest #3

Armrest #3

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  • Tattoo Stand: Providing tattoo stand stability. The carrying capacity is stronger, the slippage is not allowed and the arm and leg rest are fully supported.


  • Very comfortable and soft: The Tattoo armrest consists of a handrail cushion and a sturdy structural frame. Soft, thick pillows provide optimum comfort for the arms, legs, and feet. You are free to adapt the work surface to the customer's skin to ensure customer comfort.


  • Simple Assembly: It can be assembled in 3 minutes. The cushion is made of leather. The soft, thick padding provides comfort for arms, legs, and feet. The holster is easy to clean and can be wiped off with a towel.


  • Easy to Clean: The padded cover of this Tattoo armrest is removable and makes cleaning easier. You will love it, it is faster and easier to use.


Color Black
Size Cross base
Style Tattoo Arm Rest
Water Resistance Level

Water Resistant


     Iron Base Weight: 5.07 lbs

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