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Epson EcoTank Inkjet Tattoo Stencil Printer Combo Package

Epson EcoTank Inkjet Tattoo Stencil Printer Combo Package

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Comes with:

1x Epson Eco Tank Printer (model you receive may vary)

1x Inkjet Stencil Paper 8.5 x 11

1x Inkjet Ink

1x Stencil Prep Spray


  • High ink yields / low cost per stencil printed: Print up to 3,000 pages per full bottle of ink.
  • Save time, no more burnout from hand tracing. Spend that valuable time tattooing!
  • Easily resize your stencil. Stencil too small or too large after the first placement? Easily resize your image and re-print!
  • Brings out the finest details in your stencils, improving your artwork. (photo quality stencils!)
  • Pays for itself from the very first stencil
  • Easy connectivity: Wi-Fi and USB
  • This is one of those mandatory tools that every shop must have
  • Pro Tip: Place just one sheet of our Pacon Tracing Paper in the paper feed tray before printing a stencil. This will prevent paper jams.
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