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INK-EEZE CBD Foam Soap - 1.7oz

INK-EEZE CBD Foam Soap - 1.7oz

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CBD Foam Soap - 1.7oz. Bottle

CBD-based cleansing foam soap featuring:

  • High absorbency for maximum effectiveness
  • Smaller bubbles for ultimate control and visible cleansing

Specifically formulated to:

  • Sanitize and decrease bacteria on the skin (before, during, and after the tattoo process)
  • Temporarily relieve pain and/or itching associated with minor skin irritations
  • Remove ink and blood

Enjoy the benefits of CBD while tattooing the client with this soap. See for yourself how well this works to remove blood and ink.

Then the customer can use this product as post-care cleaning soap to help redness and soothe the skin all in one product.

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