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Mithra Numbing Cream- 10G

Mithra Numbing Cream- 10G

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Active ingredients:  LIDOCAINE 10%, PRILOCAINE 5%, EPINEPHRINE 1%

Here comes the strongest numbing cream to hit the scene! Mithra has a unique mix of Prilo-caine that makes tattoo enthusiasts, from newbs to your favorite “inked up” rap artist, sing its praises.

Mithra is scentless and easy to apply. Getting a tattoo or a fresh set of brows? Just use it once and you’ll be hooked. So don’t blame us if you end up with more tattoos than Lil Wayne or Travis Barker.

This is a local anesthetic used for temporary relief after minor surgery or cosmetic procedure. Some common uses include:

• Traditional tattooing
• Body piercing
• Body waxing
• Bikini waxing
• Laser hair removal
• Laser tattoo removal
• Cosmetic tattooing
• Permanent Cosmetics
• Microblading/PMU
• Electrocautery


(1) Determine where you’ll be placing the cream.
(2) Shave, clean, and dry that area.
(3) Apply a thin layer of Sya evenly on the skin. Keep the thickness of the cream consistent.
(4) Cover the area with plastic wrap (Saran Wrap, Saniderm, etc.) for 60-90 minutes.
(5) Remove excess cream and start the procedure (skin will stay numb for approximately 4-5 hours).
(6) Reapply during the procedure if necessary.

For External Use Only

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