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Disposable Cartridge Tray

Disposable Cartridge Tray

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The tattoo paint tray set contains 20 disposable plastic tattoo ink cartridge tray slots, that work great for your needle replacement needs.

 The tattoo ink trays with multiple slots are neatly arranged so that various colors of pigments can be placed at the same time, helping you to organize the colors in an orderly manner and making it easier to use.

The disposable tattoo trays can hold not only ink but also tattoo heads, making them very suitable for tattooists, and can be used to store all the tattoo needle cartridges and colors you need. 

The tattoo pigment tray is made of hard plastic with moderate thickness, which can be placed on the table and will not roll off.

Length= 18.2 cm / 7.2 inches, height of about 3 cm / 1.2 inches, width of about 11.5 cm / 4.5 inches.

The pigment slots are of medium size, with one hole for one color of pigment to avoid mixing.

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