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Dragonhawk X7 Wireless Tattoo Pen

Dragonhawk X7 Wireless Tattoo Pen

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Features smart screen AI and puts you in maximum control

X7—Dragonhawk’s first machine featured with smart screen AI. The instant needles sensing and motor adjustment functions powered by smart chip ensures this device can run smoothly on almost any skin areas. With the new color screen design, the display of time, electricity, voltage and working modes are all in your control! 

Moreover, You’ll find more flexibilities with a total of 5 preset modes covering from lining, shading to even totem! Humanized preset parameters for endless capabilities. All you’re looking for is in one machine.

Package Included:

  • 1x Dragonhawk X7 Machine
  • 2x Batteries (1800mAh each)
  • 1x Charger


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