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Eternal Ink - Vintage Ink Set

Eternal Ink - Vintage Ink Set

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Enjoy a retro-inspired array of pigments with this 18-bottle 1oz Vintage Set. These vintage hues include primary, secondary, and tertiary colors for a well-rounded palette. 

This Vintage Ink Set contains 17 retro-inspired pigments and 1 bottle of Keep It Wet. This listing is for the complete 1oz Vintage Set by Eternal Tattoo Ink. 



  • Size: 1oz 
  • Vintage tattoo ink set by Eternal Tattoo Ink 
  • Vegan-friendly, organic, non-toxic; pre-dispersed tattoo ink 
  • Manufactured in Michigan, USA 
  • Price per set of 18 bottles 


Set Colors: 

Root Beer, Slo Poke, Eastwood, Classic Pink, Red Wagon, Tang Orange, Atomic Orange, Yellow Jacket, Camo Green, Thunderbird, Blue Suede Shoes, Blueberry Hill, Purple Haze, Bomber Gray, Maxx Black, Maxx Lining Black, White, Keep It Wet 

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