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INKEEZE Film Gaurd- 2nd Skin

INKEEZE Film Gaurd- 2nd Skin

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Your new tattoos deserve more than just plastic wrap. Guard your fresh ink with our brand new INK GUARD FILM, engineered specifically to keep up with your lifestyle after getting tatted. Providing powerful protection from the elements while remaining ultra-breathable, this new product locks in your body's own immune cells & healing agents to mend wounds and nourish your skin like never before.

Thinner and more flexible than competitors, TATTOO BARRIER FILM can stay on your skin for the entire first week of aftercare– without worry. Simply SET IT & FORGET IT!

  • Brighter Colors, Darker Blacks: Block out harmful irritants like sunlight, dirt, microbes, and even water to maximize your ink's vibrancy
  • Advanced Healing: Ultra-breathable, lightweight construction helps deliver oxygen to wounded skin while locking in your body's natural healing agents
  • Premium Matte Finish: Unlike competitors, our Barrier Film does not crinkle or stick to your clothes
  • Sun Protection: Black top layer helps protect skin from direct sunlight
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