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Light Pad: LED Tracing Copy Board

Light Pad: LED Tracing Copy Board

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This LED Light Box is great for tracing and developing stencils. This light box offers the brightest and most even LED surface lighting on the market; green technology also means this product has very low power consumption.

The light box features a Small, Medium, or Large tracing space. Lightweight and easily transportable, it has an ultra-slim 0.8 cm profile. It also features adjustable brightness, a weight scale, and USB capabilities. It is a very low-maintenance device, only requiring occasional wiping with a soft cloth.


  • Available sizes: Small/Medium/Large
  • Ultra slim 0.8cm profile
  • Bright white LED lights with even surface lighting
  • Estimated bulb life: ~50,000 hours
  • Utilizes green technology for low power consumption
  • Easily wipeable with a soft cloth; low maintenance cleaning
  • Comes with a USB adaptor
  • Made in the USA
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