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Ozer Quick Stencil Wireless Bluetooth Stencil Printer

Ozer Quick Stencil Wireless Bluetooth Stencil Printer

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Now you can print tattoo stencils straight from your Apple or Android phone using Bluetooth. Introducing the Ozer Tattoo Thermal Printer: Revolutionizing Tattoo Stencil Creation!



Ultra thin design
Use anytime, anywhere
Built-in Lithium Ion Battery for ultimate portability.
Fully charged, print 60-80 sheets
Connect using Bluetooth or USB
Connect to your iPad using Bluetooth.
Connect to your iPhone
Connect to your desktop
Prints tattoo stencils quickly and with much details.
Easily load thermal stencil paper
Perfect for traveling tattoo artist.
No stencil ink required.
Technical Specifications

Bluetooth and USB connection.
Lithium Ion Battery, 1200Mah
High resolution 203DPI
Effective printing width: 216MM
Printing speed: 13-15MM/S
Print density: thick, moderate, light
Transfer paper width: 216MM
Charges using USB Type C, charging cable included.
Weight: 1 lb 10 oz.
Product size (bare metal): 320*68*41MM
Software compatible with Android and Apple devices.

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