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Silicone Practice Arm

Silicone Practice Arm

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 The Tattoo practice arm is made from an adult male hand size scale, helping beginners get a real experience of tattoo manipulation.
2. 63cm Length: The length of the arm is about 63cm, thick and strong, which can be used to tattoo large patterns, allowing you can freely operate.
3. Improve Tattoo Skills: The Tattoo training arm can be used to practice tattooing and improve tattooing techniques, suitable for tattoo beginners.
4. Tattoo Shop Display: Silicone tattoo practice arm can also be used for display and decoration, which can highlight the skill of the tattoo shop.
5. Soft Silicone: The Tattoo arm is made of high-quality silicone material to ensure its softness and durability, which is easy to color and comfortable to touch.


Item Type: Tattoo Practice Arm
Material: Silicone surfaces, sponge filling
Length: Approx. 63cm / 24.8in
Use: Tattoo beginners practice arm, tattoo shop display arm

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