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Silicone Practice Skin

Silicone Practice Skin

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Our Silicone Practice Skin is great practice skin for beginners to use to practice tattooing, and it's also an excellent tattoo practice skin for advanced tattoo artists who want to try out new tattooing techniques, test new tattoo machines or inks, or just display their artwork in their shops and at conventions. Made from silicone, it's very similar to that of human skin, so you can test out advanced tattooing skills without having to practice on yourself, friends, or family members. There's absolutely no comparison between our Silicone Practice Skin and lesser substitutes like pig skin and tattooable fruits like grapefruits and oranges!

Silicone Practice Skin is an amazing product at an unbeatable price. Simply add your designs to it, frame them, and hang them in your shop or at conventions to give your clients a better idea of how fabulous your professional tattoos look.

Both sides of each sheet of Silicone Practice Skin are blank. (The picture you see above is just a rendering of what tattooed Silicone Practice Skin may look like once tattooed; we put an image of a tattoo design on it as an example only.) Each sheet of Silicone Practice Skin comes wrapped in plastic, as shown in the alternate image above.


  • Practice Skin Material: Silicone
  • Silicone Practice Sheet Sizes: 8in x 12in or 16in X 12in
  • Great to Use to Practice Tattooing or Display Tattoo Artwork
  • Price Per 1 Sheet of Silicone Practice Skin
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