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Wireless Tattoo Pen

Wireless Tattoo Pen

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Product name: wireless tattoo machine pen. 
Working voltage:5-12v
Speed:9v 10000 rpm
Battery: Detachable.Support change battery part /rechargeable 
Stroke depth: 0-0.38 mm
Tech: CNC carving 
Fit all types of cartridge needles
Direct derive system make tattoo machine. get stronger power. better for lines and shadow

Product Parameters:

Fit for all Cheyenne standard tattoo cartridge needles 
1.Material: aluminum alloy + acrylic, laser engraving;
2. Charging time: fast charging, 1.5-2 hours can be fully charged;
3. Using time: Under normal 8V voltage, the voltage stable state can last for more than 6 hours, long time working the voltage is stable;
4. LCD display content: output voltage range + battery usage
5. Lithium battery capacity: 1600 mAh capacity, Rechargeable & Replaceable.

Power Parameters:

1. Input: The charging port is powered by a USB data cable.
2. Output: Voltage range: Press the “∧” or “∨” button to switch the voltage range, short press adjust 0.1V, long press adjust 0.5V.
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