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Critical X Bishop Power Wand Tattoo Machine — Shader

Critical X Bishop Power Wand Tattoo Machine — Shader

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Get all the benefits of the original Bishop Wand machines... but even better in the Bishop X Critical Power Wand model.

This pen-style machine has a super-lightweight design, weighing in at only 4.4oz when used with the Critical Shorty PowerPack. This Wand is compatible with all Critical Connect firmware, including both PowerPacks (standard and shorty) as well as the Critical Connect footswitch.

This listing is for one Critical X Bishop Shader Power Wand, complete with 1 Critical PowerPack, 1 Critical Shorty PowerPack, 1 Critical Universal Battery Dock, 1 Battery Dock Charging Cord, and 1 RCA Cord.

  • Super lightweight design
  • Comes with 1 Critical 1500mAh PowerPack battery + 1 Critical 800mAh PowerPack Shorty battery
  • Only weighs in at 4.4oz when used with Shorty PowerPack
  • Magnetic backplate connection; Critical PowerPack batteries sit flush on the machine
  • Rotate your PowerPack battery 360 degrees
  • Manufactured in the USA
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